Amy's Animal Care
Amy Carlson
207-799-7720 or text 207-415-1994


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 Why Amy's Animal Care?

Our pets are no longer considered just "pets"; they are beloved members of the family. We want them to have the very best care.

When you hire me, you are hiring someone with experience, knowledge and a lifetime of handling and caring for animals. I will come to your home with an understanding of animal health and behavior that very few dog walkers/pet sitters have.

I have the training and experience to recognize the warning signs of illness or behavior issues and to keep your pets safe and happy. 

A person of integrity and honesty, I will care for and treat your home and animals as I would my own. My home and my animals are my life and my world. I understand the importance of my job and the trust you place in me because my own pets are everything to me; childless by choice, they are my family, my "children".

       I take great pride in my work and my knowledge of animals. I have dedicated my life to the world of animal care and behavior! I LOVE animals!                     



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