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Amy Carlson
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About Amy  

      A graduate of the Univ. of Maine Animal Health Sciences Veterinary Technician program. My last semester I attended the Animal Medical Center Vet Tech internship program in NYC.  
     I spent two years as a California state Licensed Veterinary Technician in the Sacramento area. Returning to Maine I worked for Dr. Lynda Bond at the Veterinary Center of Cape Elizabeth.  
     I have offered pet care service since my work with Dr. Bond brought so many of her clients asking for pet care.
Amy's Animal Care is my full time job. Walking dogs and caring for animals is something I absolutely love doing! It is the best job in the world!
     I live with my very understanding husband, three horses, three dogs and two cats. Most of my animals are rescues.

I continually study animal behavior and health care - Behavior, positive reinforcement style training, trick training, competition agility and obedience. I attend many behavior and animal health seminars every year, accumulating continuing education points towards my veterinary technician's license. 

 Contact me
text 207-415-1994

I enjoy photographing animals, farm life and gardening, hiking, boating, doing competition agility and obedience with my dogs, training tricks and spending time with my very patient husband. My MinPins were top agility MinPins for years. Colby has an AKC MACH and was invited to the AKC Agility Invitational in 2007 as one of the top five AKC Agility MinPins. Roscoe has a USDAA PDCH and is a member of the "Perfect score 100 club" in Rally Obedience and has a CD in competition obedience with scores 190 and above, which is hard to do with a dog who was to be put down for aggression in the shelter. Spur has competed Nationally in USDAA and AKC agility and is a 2012 Regional USDAA Champion. He is the very first MACH2 mixed breed dog in New England. He also has his USDAA PDCH.
My newest canine member was imported from England in 2015. Bim, a Miniature American Shepherd, will be joining Spur doing agility competition in the fall of 2016.

My Spur came from the biggest puppymill bust the state of Maine has ever done. My barn cats are from Friends of Feral Felines, finding sanctuary here in my barn where they have learned to be approachable and handled safely.

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